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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the difference between boxed and panel ?

Boxed: broken down into a flat box for easy transportation, or Panel form: factory assembled into complete wall and roof panels for even quicker and easir assembly.

2. How long will it take to assemble ?

This will depend on past experience.  Generally 1/2 to 1 day for a boxed shed.  Larger sheds allow more time but in panel form allow 1/4 of the time.

3. What flooring is best for my shed ?

Generally a wooden floor is fine.  We highly recommend a concrete floor for windy sites.

5. How big is the door opening ?

Single door is 755mm.  Double door is 1550mm

6. How long do I have to wait for my shed ?

10 – 15 working days for delivery.

7. Can I have a sliding door ?

No.  Internal sliding doors take up wall space and external lack security.  Hinged doors are a lot more trouble free.

8. Will my shed have a timber frame ?

Garden Master sheds have a steel frame which forms a tension membrane once assembled correctly.  This eliminates the need for any extra framing.  A timber frame can easily be fitted, but we do not offer that option.

9. How do I fit shelves orhang tools then ?

Shelf brackets and tool racks are available as extras.

10. How do I get more light in my shed ?

Skylite panels and window options are available as extras

11. Can I make my shed more secure ?

Yes we have 2 options available in our accessory range

12. What tools will I need ?

You will need a battery drill and drill bits. screwdriver (riveter for colour sheds), tape measure, ladder and in most cases a helping hand.  We also recommend hand and foot protection.  Do not install in wet or windy conditions.

13. Do you offer assembly service ?

We do have approved persons throughout NZ.  Please phone 0800 807 433 for your nearest contact.

14. Will the package fit in my car ?

A boxed shed will fit in a van or large wagon, but a panel shed will need a trailer.

15. I am over 6 foot and I whack my head ?

Extra wall height can be added (150mm)

16. Will my shed come with a hold down kit ?

Hold down clamps are available for a concrete floor.  If you order a timber floor you will not need hold down clamps.  They are for concrete floors only, so they are not included in your kit.  We recommend pegging your wooden floor.

17. Can I have any size in any colour ?

Yes.  Any size can be ordered in any of our 12 NZ colours.  You can also tell us which part of your shed you want in which colour.

18. Will my shed require any maintenance.

Our sheds are generally maintenance free, however if you are near the coast we suggest you wash your shed more often than your car.  Particularly under the roof overhang where the rain can not get to.

19. Do I need a building consent ?

If you are concerned, check with your local council, but in NZ you are not required to have a building consent for any building under 10 m2.

20. Am I better to use screws or rivets ?

Rivets are quicker and more permanent.  But screws are fine.  We supply screws with Zincalume sheds as most customers do not have a riveter. , and you cannot get coloured scews.  So we supply matching coloured rivets with the Colour Sheds.

21. Why are colour sheds more expensive ?

Colour sheds are heavier gauge steel as well as providing extra protection on top of the Zincalume base steel.

22.  What’s the difference between Zincalume and Colour ?

Zincalume is iron coated with zinc and aluminium to protect the iron from rusting.  The colour is applied over a series of primer coats on top of the zincalume, giving added protection.  Recommended for coastal areas.

23.  Can I change a flat to a sloping roof ? (or sloping to a gable roof)

Yes.  Sheds are upgradeable, at extra cost, to the next roof model.  All flat roof models are available with a slope roof, and all slope roof models are available with a flat or gable roof. Note: You cannot get a flat roof model.

24. How much will it cost to freight my shed ?

$75.00 to freight your Garden Shed to your door anywhere in New Zealand. Some rural areas may incur a little extra freight cost.